Luang Phor Yim , Wat Nong Bua

LP Yim is very well known top monk in Thailand who had life in similar LP Sook of Wat Pakkhongmakhamthao period. LP Yim was born in B.E.2387 (C.E.1844) at Kranchanaburi province. When LP Yim was 20 years old, he was ordained at Wat Thungsamor in Kranchanaburi province by LP Kreap of Wat Nongbua is preceptor. After ordination, LP Yim intensely studied the magic and Buddhist teaching at Wat Nongbua for 2 years then LP Yim went to study the magic with many top monks such as LP Tim of Wat Bangleenoi in Samutsakorn province, LP Klad of Wat Bangphrom who was great magical monk of protective amulets and LP Jang of Wat Praduamphawa. LP Yim liked to practice meditation in forest and people believe LP Yim can talk with animals. Moreover, Prince Abhakara Kiartivongse who is the close disciple of LP Sook ever studied the magic from LP Yim too. Prince Abhakara Kiartivongse studied the magic to create exorcist’s knife from LP Yim. In addition, LP Yim had many well known disciples such as
1. LP Rian of Wat Nongbua
2. LP Dee of Wat Thewasangkharam or Wat Nuea
3. LP Lon of Wat Ladya
4. LP Hang of Wat Thewasangkharam or Wat Nuea
5. LP Dokmai of Wat Donjedi
6. LP Jai of Wat Sadet
7. LP Cham of Wat Chulamanee
8. Other

LP Yim passed away in B.E.2453 (C.E.1910) while he was 66 years old.
The well known amulets of LP Yim are “Waen Phirod” (magical ring), “Phra Pidta” amulet and other.

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