Luang Phor Tim

Luang Phor Tim

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Tim Wat Phra Khao  was born on 10 March BE 2456. There were a total of 6 children within his family and he is the 5th child. Both of his parents were working in the farming industry. However, his father passed away when he was still very young. Hence, Luang Phor Tim received his education at Wat Pikut until the age of 9 to 10 where he was required to stop his education in order to help his mother in the farm work.

During the year BE 2477, he was forced to enrol into the army as he got a muscular build. And his duty was to protect the King as a bodyguard. After serving 1 year and 3 month in the army, he finally got discharged during July BE 2478. 

The first thing when he got out of the army, he entered monkhood at Wat Pikut for a year.  After he left his monkhood life, he went back to help out his mother to take care of the family. Soon after that, Luang Phor Tim got married and had his own family. It was until BE 2484, where he was called back to the army for a war against France. After the war, he volunteered to go to Myanmar for another war that lasted for another 6 months. The war is known as “Somkan-Indojing” commonly known as the Indo-China War. He was then awarded a medal after the war and he went back home. Just 7 months later, he was once again called back to the army for World War 2 and returned back home safely to help his mother. 

After having gone through lots of hardships, Luang Phor Tim started having memories of his monkhood life frequently. At that point of time, the place he stayed was also having a serious Plague that caused many deaths due to the lack of medication. Luang Phor Tim himself was also infected as well. However he prayed to Buddha and made a promise that if he was to recover, he would then serve the public and do good deeds to everyone. Miraculously, he recovered from this near-death illness. And on the 10 April BE 2492 he ordained at Wat Pikut for the second time and went to Wat Phra Khao during BE 2492. 

Luang Phor Tim then  went to Wat Nam Tao to learn from Luang Phor Sang for a month and he became the abbot of Wat Phra Khao on BE 2498. Since BE 2492, Luang Phor Tim went to take part in all kinds of tests and on BE 2512 he had attained the highest level of studies that a monk can achieve.

Luang Phor Tim was an expert in concentration of mindfulness and he also studied vipassana meditation with Luang Phor Jong Wat Nantangnok and Luang Phor Sodh Wat Paknam. He was also well known for his knowledge in Metta and Wicha  being one of the guru monks of Thailand.

Many believers asked for help as they believed that Luang Phor Tim had the ability to improve their luck. In addition, there have been many reports of miracles and beneficial experiences related to Luang Phor Tim and his amulets as well.

Luang Phor Tim passed away on 22th March BE 2552 at the age of 96 years old.

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